Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Located in Western Ohio, Sidney is on the I-75 corridor. 78% of the United States can be reached overnight by Agape.

I-75 to exit 92, and you are within minutes of taking your non-profit organization to a new level of service to your community while saving money.

Get the necessary non-profit forms today.

Product availability depends upon what donors are willing to give, how much we receive, and how fast our partners take it to their agencies! Because of the usually limited quantities, we don't hold product. It's first come, first serve. And most of these products are designer brands!

While our pantry distributes about 120,000 lbs of groceries to the hungry each month, we often have food products, drinks, fresh vegetables, frozen foods, canned foods and other items available to your non-profit agency!

These are all new and available to help you touch those whom you serve while increasing the number of people you can reach.

Use them for your outreaches, meetings or any other gathering in which you touch the underprivileged!

Registration is reserved to non-profit organizations. All items at Agape Distribution are to be used for those in need and/or internal office efficiency. The registration is annual, and a software upgrade fee of $20.00 is required to maintain our Point of Sale system. Over 485 non-profits have found this partnership to be effective and saving!

Below is a selection of items we have received in the recent past:

  • Building supplies
    • shingles
    • insulation
    • paint
    • paint brushes
    • Wonder Board
    • plumbing supplies
    • lighting fixtures
  • Personal care
    • shampoo conditioner
    • body oils
    • clippers
    • hair dryers
    • straighteners
    • nail polish
    • strengtheners
  • Paper Products
    • copy paper
    • copy brights
    • colors
    • mailing labels
    • address labels
    • cups
    • bowls
    • plates
    • napkins
    • toilet tissue
    • facial tissue
  • Teacher's Aids
    • Weekly Reader Books
    • Sunday School curriculum
    • National Geographic
    • disposables
    • and many other materials are available to help communicate with our children
  • Clothing
    • jackets
    • lingerie
    • coats
    • shoes
    • tops
    • pants
    • jeans
  • Snacks
    • candies
    • coffee
    • cookies
    • chocolate
    • drinks
    • gummy candy

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Mailing Address

  • P.O. Box 808
  • Sidney, OH 45365-0808

More about Us

  • Agape Distribution hosts one of the largest free grocery stores in Ohio which now serves all of Shelby County directly with the addition of a Mobile Food Pantry. Our goal is to make it hard to go hungry!
  • Agape Distribution provided 1,683,000 lbs of groceries in 2010 with children accounting for 38% of those we serve, and seniors at 10%.

Agape Hours

  • Mon.-Thurs. 8AM-5PM
  • Saturday 8AM-12PM

Pantry Hours

  • Mon.-Thurs. 10AM-3PM
  • Friday CLOSED
  • Saturday 9AM-11:45AM
  • Sunday CLOSED


Agape Distribution is a non-profit organization, registered under a 501(c)3 designation. As such, tax deductions are allowed for qualified contributions. These contributions are those in which no goods or services were received by the donor.