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Agape Distribution participates with many national and international outreaches. In cases of fire, war and terrorism, natural disasters, and on-going economic downturns Agape will provide aid as available.

In the past, Agape has utilized the U.S. State Department, Denton Amendment Program, U.S. Funded Transportation for funding to move this aid around the world. We have stopped shipping internationally for the present time.

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  • Agape Distribution hosts one of the largest free grocery stores in Ohio which now serves all of Shelby County directly with the addition of a Mobile Food Pantry. Our goal is to make it hard to go hungry!
  • Agape Distribution provided 1,683,000 lbs of groceries in 2010 with children accounting for 38% of those we serve, and seniors at 10%.

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Agape Distribution is a non-profit organization, registered under a 501(c)3 designation. As such, tax deductions are allowed for qualified contributions. These contributions are those in which no goods or services were received by the donor.